Framing Glass Options

We have many choices of glass in which we can offer you. We recommended deciding on the type of glass for your art based on the ‘look’ that you are wanting along with the value that you have placed on your art.


Acrylic is the safe option of glazing as it will not shatter into pieces if broken.  It is best suited for environments such as aged care facilities, hospitals or childcare.  It is also great for larger pieces of artwork, as it will reduce the weight of the item considerably.

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Conservation Clear Glass

Conservation Clear Glass is the best glass if you want to preserve your art or photos. Conservation Clear Glass blocks out 99% of UV light and is the glass that we recommended to our clients when framing their University degrees or certificates.

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Museum Glass

Museum Glass provides less than 1% light reflection and blocks out 99% UV light.  It is the best glass on the market and should be used on everything that holds value, either sentimental or in price.

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Plain or Standard Glass

Plain or standard glass is a 2mm clear glass and is the most commonly used glass that we offer.  All our frames are fit up with this glass and it is the most cost-effective option when framing your art.

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Reflection Control Glass

Reflection Control Glass can be a great alternative if you will be hanging your artwork in a bright room.  It is frosted glass which blocks 45% of UV light.  Reflection Control Glass works best when the artwork is sitting only a couple of millimetres from the glass.  If you want…

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Ultra-Vue Glass

UltraVue glass is our most popular custom framing glass and it’s not hard to see why. UltraVue glass is almost invisible and blocks 70% of UV light.  It does cost a little bit more but for its price, the results certainly justify it. You need to see it to believe…

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